1000 Points of Light on Independence Day

July 21, 2009 by Andrew Deal - Editor Leave a reply »

Although the Fourth of July is already a few days behind us now, the phenomenon that took place in Vancouver was still quite remarkable. In fact, I will say that had I wrote this article on the 5th, it would not have been any stronger of a point. Our celebration of independence is more than just a one day affair, and still marks the amazing spirit of Americans and our enduring character that strives for liberty.

What I noticed as I celebrated with a few friends and a bagful of mortars and other fireworks was the amazing amount of private shows all around us. My friend who has lived here in Clark County forever proclaimed that this was the most fireworks he has ever seen on the Fourth. The people of Clark County responded indeed to this years Fort Vancouver fireworks cancellation by spreading the celebration out from block to block. Instead of being bummed out by seeing our 47 year tradition interrupted, we took matters into our own hands. Refreshing.

I see this as an interesting parallel to what I have seen coming in the economy since last year. Although people are near depression in many aspects during this recession, what we are going to see is more individual effort and less collective effort. We are going to localize our over-extended and vulnerable networked economies. We are going to seek small gatherings, trusted neighbors and reliable friends. This would be quite a turnaround if it could actually reach down and counteract the big-box retail mindset and leveraged corporate consolidation trends of the last 20 years. I hope it is not temporary, but a mark of a deep resurgence of economic independence we need at this time.

So let’s create our own 1000 points of light. You and your customers are seeking local economy value right now, but they are still using the internet to do it. The days of the Local Web have are here.

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