Realizing the Local Web Dream for the Portland Metro

July 8, 2009 by Andrew Deal - Editor Leave a reply »

Back in 1996 I had a vision of how the web could revolutionize the way we do business. More importantly, how in the right time it could revitalize local economies that were otherwise hard hit and/or isolated. It was clear at that time that the internet would change the way we work, learn and play, but only to a few of us how it would disperse economies rather than anchor them locally.

At that time in my early days in the web, I took a good shot at making a local site with plenty of home-grown bells and whistles (don’t go there unless the site of gawdy, overdone 90’s images appeal to you) that would support local web participation. My timing was off. No, way off. It was off in regards to what that local market was ready for in the early days of the web, and it was off in terms of what the web needed to establish in it’s first decade.

But now that the web has matured and we are just getting into an especially funky recession, our network dependent economy is leaving local business at a disadvantage. I believe the time is right for the local web to rise. People will still of course be using Google to research buying decisions and looking for value, but they will include local searches and should by now expect to be finding the answers locally, not elsewhere.

So join me in this dream to bring local Portland-Vancouver expertise, citizen journalism, coupons, offers and more with

(and check out my 1996 retro site to gauge the passion and ideas as they were first conceived.)


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  1. admin says:

    We have come a long way since that era, and yes I was obsessed with gawdy backgrounds and animated gifs back then. What of it? But hey, that is what was hot! Now we have feeds, div tags and cool style sheets, as well as a few years of accumulated wisdom on clean navigation, focus and usability. I think having the old around as a reference point is a good thing though. Ya never know what you can learn from the past until you revisit it.

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