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Not bad for Pre-launch

August 31st, 2009

As word is starting to get around and local businesses are flocking in to be a part of LocaSource, one of the main reasons for our existence is for deserving local businesses to get the right kind of recognition they deserve on Google. We started up LocaSource in advance of launch with just a few basic pieces in place and just one expert. So far, the tracking has been good. Google and Bing like our local siding expert, both for searches that include Vancouver and Portland, as well as searches for siding expertise generically. Heck. just search for ‘local Portland experts’ and we are #1. Not that this was our goal, but it is just a product of doing things right.

Now that we have 5 experts and counting before our Sept 1st press release, I am seeing Locasource’s site authority for Portland and Vancouver fall right into place. Most businesses operate within a defined market area, but very few sites are designed to lend them the right local search authority they need to rise out of obscurity and the chaos known as internet search. It takes a site devoted to the specific local economy with an understanding of what the search engines need in order to deliver properly for small business.

One thing that really excites me in bringing our experts greater exposure in search results is not just that they appear on the first page for more searches than they otherwise could achieve on their own, but that their headlines will stand out stronger. I can and certainly will write about this more at length in future posts, but just consider for a moment the kinds of sites that show up on the things you search for. You ask for information, you get a stack of business cards. You look for expert advice, you get ‘why we’re better’ treatises. My hope and constant advice to our experts is to answer questions that you know your clients have asked over the years. Anticipate and address needs relevant to the local community. People are seeking knowledge like this when they search, and are not getting enough satisfaction. That is why LocaSource exists for the Vancouver-Portland marketplace. Buys EveryBlock. Puts Big Money in Latest Black Hole

August 18th, 2009

Today, Jim LaMarca, an old friend of ours in business and consulting with CelleCast wrote me about the local web as it relates to LocaSource. I was warmed by the email and decided to post it here.

EveryBlock only intersects with LocaSource in the sense that it is about local. But EveryBlock is no more about Portland/Vancouver than any of 1000 other sites to come along with a load of organized data homogenized by a central source and an available directory called /portland/ or /vancouver/ to be put on the end of a domain name. Unlike MSNBC, we are betting this kind of development is going into decline.

Thanks Jim again for sending this. Local expertise, which is what people are looking for on the web in increasing numbers, will indeed be found here soon.

On Tue, Aug 18, 2009 at 8:25 AM, Jim wrote:

Hey Andrew

I’ve been meaning to check in and say Hi. I hope all is well. Your local web site may be the right move. Check this out:

Local Heat: Buys EveryBlock for Several Million Dollars [BoomTown]