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Last night and last week I have had three more opportunities to present LocaSource in business networking meetings like CEO Space and NWSBN in Beaverton and Vancouver. My presentation style on new endeavors is fairly open, and with the help of my collaborators in the room I have been learning new ways to bring people to an ah-ha moment on what LocaSource can do for them. The business model was designed to meet a need, not to generate it’s own glory, and so my goal right now is simply to help unpublished experts understand the value of the LocaSource platform. Once we have 20-30 experts contributing regularly, that value will be self-evident.

So, in a refined list, here are the benefits LocaSource can bring to you as a qualified local Portland area expert:

  1. A place to express your expertise where more people can discover it.
    As a local business owner you already share your industry wisdom each and every day in one on one conversations. You debunk myths. You provide insight. You expose competitors. You add value to your clients. Then the next day comes and you do it all over again, repeating much of the same information in call and emails. Imagine if just 20% of YOUR wisdom got published. A multiplier effect would be created, as more people than you could ever reach one-on-one searching for answers would discover your writing, reward you with trust, and give you business.
  2. A platform that elevates your status as a local expert.
    Blogging on your own means you have something you believe is worth saying. Contributing as an author on a journalistic platform that recognizes you as a category expert means there are others that vouch for your expertise. At LocaSource, we don’t just take on anybody who wants to promote their business and call themselves an expert. We have already vetted out many interested parties who are looking to promote themselves.
  3. A platform that is defined by the same Portland market area you are trying to reach
    The efforts of the staff at LocaSource are devoted to the local market. The local Portland and Vancouver economy is what we support, and our readers are quickly made to know that. When they see your articles published on LocaSource, they know you also have a local focus.
  4. A platform built to first help you stand out on online search results.
    Goodbye Yellow Pages… 80% of all buying starts online with search, and 60% of that search takes place on Google. LocaSource exists to make you stand out on the first page of Google for local searches. Not only to show up there, but to also stand out on the page as not just another business card, but with a headline title that creates trust and fosters curiosity. People are looking online for answers. They are looking to learn. They are researching their buying decision and deciding who to trust.
  5. A journalism platform that lets you control the message.
    Welcome to the personal media revolution. You don’t have to sit back and wait to see what the local paper is going to write about you. They are losing readers to the internet every day. You are now your own press agent and frankly, what little journalism there is left only has time to lift copy from your blog instead of researching the story. This strategy of creating your own media has worked for Barack Obama and many celebrities in Hollywood. It can work for you, and we’ll show you how.

I believe the ah-ha moment is getting much easier to impart, and I hope you agree. If I left anything out, or you think I am missing something, please let me know.


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  1. Andrew Deal says:

    I need to mention that much of the tone of this post was inspired by a theme of value presentation that is going to be the topic for tonight’s small business meetup here at Realty Pro. You can join us and see a Brian Tracy sales training video if you like.

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