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Blog with Focus

November 23rd, 2010

Just a quick reminder that blogging strategy can still be a win for local businesses.

We stand behind the following strategy on which Locasource was built to promote local search success for the greater Portland OR, Vancouver WA area:

1) Blog AWAY from your own site. Keeping it on the inside takes away from your publishing efforts in that the posts are seen only by people that are already on your site. Keep the blog tab there, but link it to your blog placed strategically elsewhere. The outside blog that points to your site constantly does more to boost your sites relevance to Google.

2) Put your blog on a site that carries exclusive membership in its brand. Locasource only publishes local business experts. Your efforts to establish yourself as the expert you are find energy when coupled with the efforts of others. If you were to have a blogspot blog, you are lost in a million different agendas, which creates no search value.

3) Put your blog on a site that has a local focus. You are the expert for _________. You are also the expert in your city. Promoting both online takes constant effort most businesses cannot allocate. Focus on your expertise instead with just 2-3 posts a month. Let the local site carry the ‘city state’ part of the search your potential customers include in their keywords.