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Local. What is not to like?

March 20th, 2012

Well, for starters, I will admit that I get as caught up in dismissing local as anyone. I follow national politics, ignoring state and local races. I watch nationally produced entertianment. Local theater does not interest me.

On the political part of this equation, I focus on national issues only because too much power has been placed in DC. I am increasingly concerned about this and want to make central govt, the playground of tyrants, poorer and smaller before they bankrupt and control us all. Many have lost hope, but it is worth staying focussed on.

We NEED to bring the control of our lives back to local control. That is the only level in which the PEOPLE can actually have control again. Our Federal House Reps have little time for us, and few have any real power to empower us. Go local. You will hear the organic movement leaders call for this. How many of them would also see govt issues the same way too?

Your local county sheriff is provbably your most important elected official in your life. Who is your sheriff? Does he/she take seriously their oath of office? Did he/she attend this fully sponsored County Sheriffs conference? It makes a difference whether they did, as they are the last line of governmental defense of your personal liberties. Go local. Govern local. Insist on local by rejecting the distant.

Support a local business instead of a national chain.

Listen to a local expert.

You won’t be sorry.