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Learning to see Siding as part of Northwest Art and Architecture

November 5th, 2009

Every once in a while, as we are building out LocaSource as THE direct journalism platform for local business experts in Portland and Vancouver, we will highlight select experts from here on the home page.

This month our local siding expert has greatly impressed me. Every time I talk to him, some element of his passion for excellence comes to the surface around the subject of his business. Not the ups and downs of business itself, but more specifically the concern he has for quality in what he sees in homes around Clark County and Portland. He explains to me that siding selection, style and quality determines the vast majority of the visual appeal of each home here in the area. Siding takes up 90% of the side surface of a house, and with the northwest’s cultural preference for natural colors and textures(that matches our unmatchably amazing natural environment), siding itself becomes the key decision in making a house fit the environment. I gained a real appreciation for this in talking with him, and realized that beyond the idea of good and bad siding choices, lies the broader concept of what is and isn’t Northwest architecture. I have learned to look more closely at the character of the homes here where I live in Vancouver, and realized that siding really does help identify and brand our community.

beautiful siding on northwest home. See more siding pics.

beautiful siding on northwest home. See more siding pics.

It took a while to convince him that the passion he shares with me one and one also needs to be shared in writing, but he finally took me up on it and became a regular contributor here on LocaSource. If you are looking to learn more about what makes siding so cool, or more practically what kind of maintenance is needed for your home, or how to improve and preserve your home’s value, make sure to read his siding expert column or visit his Portland area siding business website. He has some decent pricing breaks for the holidays as well.