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Greetings Portland-Vancouver business owner!

If you have ever attended a chamber of commerce meeting or a local business networking group, you are probably familiar with the one minute commercial. It’s a pivotal part of these types of gatherings, offering attendees a chance to be recognized and connect with other businesses. One minute is a nice round figure of time that fits both the attention span of the listener, as well as the capacity of the speaker, and helps each business owner make a clear impression of their level of expertise and the benefits their business brings to the community.

While these kinds of gatherings are especially useful to B to B businesses and other local relationship-based business models, they fall short of helping local businesses reach new consumers directly with a similarly optimized, concise and credible message. Where does today’s consumer make their buying decisions? Online. What are they looking for during their research? Local, trustworthy experts. How do they go about it? Google. And how will you as a local expert and your business as a solution provider stand out from the pack?

It does not matter if your company website is already near the top results of Google. To the consumer, you are just one sign board on a list of many options. If your problem solving contributions show up on a journalism-based local expertise website on that same search result however, the credibility factor of your message goes up dramatically as your objective advice is given on your LocaSource blog. is a truly local services directory for the greater Vancouver / Portland metropolitan area, committed to building the local economy. Local consumers search Google for local experts on a variety of subjects, and we would like you to secure your category position as THE local expert in your field. We’ll also support your online presence in local print as well as radio.

The team at LocaSource is here to help you understand and leverage the sweet spot in local marketing between a high maintenance blogging commitment and posting to a ‘lost in the weeds’ national portal site with a local directory. You will only have to contribute articles, offers, and coupons 2-3 times a month and we’ll make sure to get your LocaSource blog and your site on the top of every local search in every major search engine. We’ll work with your webmaster as well to make sure your overall web strategy is considered. was founded by Andrew Deal of CGI Productions, who has unmatched experience in building sites that come up first in Google for a variety of common words*. Starting in 1996 with a before-its-time local portal and throughout this decade as a CTO for a company that guaranteed first page results, you won’t find a better expert to lift the local web business community and get your message noticed on the web.

Give us a call today to schedule an appointment and start blogging effectively, before your competitor does.

CGI Productions

*You can see his and sites come up multiple times on page one for ‘cell phone radio’ and ‘mobile talk radio’ now.

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  1. Dotty says:

    I am a local expert - what does it take to get articles posted on this blog?

  2. Joe Yosso says:

    I am a local expert, how can I get involved ?

  3. Jeannine Shingler says:

    Andrew - I am a local expert in wellness and nutrition, how do I get involved?

  4. Jason says:

    please let me know the details of getting a spot!

  5. Erick Rainey says:

    I am a local expert in training individuals and companies in presentation skills and communication how do I get involved in/with LocaSource blog.

  6. I am a local expert in helping small businesses control their back office overwhelm and handle the business of doing business.

  7. Andrew Deal - Editor says:

    Hi DeBorah.

    Would like to discuss with you how we can help with your local marketing, by giving you the best channel highlighting your own media.

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