Expert Contributor Requirements

Are you truly an expert in your industry?

If you are not, maybe you should be in a different line of work. Today’s consumers in the Portland Vancouver Metro are looking for local expertise for their specific needs. Every time they search for a phrase locally, they are hoping to connect and learn from someone around town. We screen our new expert applicants to make sure they are going to make LocaSource a truly reliable source for wise local experts.

Your duty as a LocaSource expert

What is required of contributors to simply write a candid email to their favorite customer 2-4 times a month! Who is this favorite customer? It is the one you have not met yet, but who is doing research right now on the web on the subject matter you are an expert in. If they do not hear from you first, you aren’t likely to hear from them.

What is this potential customers email address?

We can’t tell you their email address, but we can tell you that their inbox is Google. If you write it, and you are passionate about the value only you can bring as a local expert, then it will be read.

What if I can’t commit to writing an article 2+ times a month?

If you really can’t do the writing, you have a few choices: You could recommend one of your competitors to be the category expert. They will be on the top of all local Portland Vancouver searches for subjects relating to your industry. They will be talking about you at some point, so it is better to recommend them than to hide LocaSource from them. You might get better press. :-)
Or, the better alternative is to delegate the expert writing to someone in your organization or a local copywriter.

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  1. My company is called Eye Candy Interiors.
    I am a full service color consultant and interior painter. I use environmentally friendly low VOC paints.
    I enjoy helping people make color choices that explain something about who they are even when they are not present.
    I maintain an A rating on Angie’s list, and they awarded my company with a customer service award last year. I am hoping for another this year. My business has been driven by happy customer referrals for years.

  2. Andrew,

    I am interested in having my weekly blogs posted to this site… can we do that?

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