The Importance of Paper

March 26, 2010 6 comments »

Most folks think that paper is paper and that any paper can be printed on. This used to be true in the time of letterpress and etchings, but today, each type of printer needs to have specific paper or it will jam up the works. A laserpress, which is what I use, must use paper specifically designed for a laserpress. There cannot be too much dust or the drums or print belt will cloud up and the print quality diminishes.

When you are shopping for a good local printer, there are things to consider that matter more than price.  If the printer uses plain old copy paper, your printed copies will not be displayed as well as you might like. Plain old copy paper is usually 20# paper that has a brightness factor of 88 to 92. The brightness scale peaks out at 100. There is no brighter paper out there than 100 brightness paper. If you took a piece of standard 92 brightness copy paper and laid it on top of a 100 brightness sheet of laser paper, the copy paper would actually look gray. Think about what that gray will do to the color of your copies. It’s like mixing a little black in with the reds, yellows and blues.

Wouldn’t you want to make the best impression on that new customer by having the very best copies that you could possibly get? Well the first thing you must do is to choose the best quality paper that you can get. The paper is the foundation for your printing. If you have a poor foundation, nothing you can do will make the printing look any better; but if you start with a nice bright white color copy paper, your copies will look great.

Next I will discuss the dots per inch and how they affect the finished product.

Hello world!

January 14, 2010 3 comments »

The printed word has been around for several centuries. The most famous early printed work was the Gutenberg Bible, which was printed in the 1450’s, but was not Gutenberg’s first printed work.  Earlier printed documents were done on wooden carvings which were inked and then had the paper placed on them and pressed with a large plate with weights on top. This was extremely primative compared to today’s digital presses.

Digital printing has created it’s own nitch in today’s marketplace. The majority of businesses in this country are not big corporations, but rather small companies employing but a handful of people. Many are family run or even run from home. These small businesses are the core of the economy and the backbone and strength of our nation. Unfortunately, many of these businesses do not have the resources to properly advertise their products and services.

That’s where we can help. One of the most effective way of spreading the word about a service or product is to print flyers and brochures. Over the past 40+ years of being self employed, I have found that this method is very cost effective and reaches the local market very well. The better looking the literature is, the more effective it becomes. I have found that by placing flyers and brochures on the counters of related businesses, many customers would come to me for goods and services from the other stores. For instance, I had a limousine service and placed color brochures and business cards at local bridal shops and tuxedo rental stores. My three limousines were generally booked for a year out at all times. I did not need an expensive Yellow Page ad, TV or Newspaper ads, or anything else. Word spread very quickly, and that business flourished.  It got so busy that I sold the business just so I could have some time for myself.

You should be careful about what kind of printed materials you create for your business. The literature must look professional and state the benefit to the consumer. There are several factors related to this. The first is choosing color or black and white. I have always found color to be much more effective than black and white. The small additional cost is far outweighed by the response to your offer. Which is worth more to you: 100 black and white copies for $5.00 that bring in 2 customers (the national average) or 100 color copies for $9.00 that bring in 7 customers (also the national average)?  The color copies are almost 4 times as effective at less than two times the price.

Price is also a major factor. Most of the quick printing operations in this area are charging a minimum of 59 cents per copy in color. I have seen as high as $1.59 per copy at more than one store.

We are a home based business, so our overhead is very low. As a result, we offer color copies for just 9 cents each. (minimum 100) That’s a $50 savings on just 100 copies! On top of that, we make it very easy for you. If you email your file to along with your contact information and the number of copies you want, we will print them, usually the same day, and deliver them anywhere in Vancouver for just $1 (delivery charge). We have low rates for delivery to Portland as well. It’s that easy!

If you have your file on a flash drive and bring it by, I will print it while you wait.

In other blogs I will go into the differences in paper, resolution, and print quality, as well as standard print vs. full bleed print.