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How do I pick the right siding contractor

August 24th, 2009

We only have 1 chance to fix  our siding problem properly the first time. Always make sure the siding contractor is licensed bonded and fully insured specifically in Portland and Vancouver. But remember that doesn’t guarantee you quality siding work. With the economy being as it is many “general contractors” are trying to apply new siding so make SURE  to pick a company who is a siding specialist in that the siding installers do this all day, all week and all year. General contractors are generally more like schedulers that do a little of everything and often dont have the best application techniques or experience in difficult areas on your home. Dont let your biggest investment  be their experiment. Many “old school”  siding contractors only install vinyl since that was popular in the past and is lighter to carry, easier to cut and generally more forgiving in the installation process. For example, if you choose Hardie-plank, also generically called Fiber cement,  make sure the company you hire has installed  ALOT of it and that they have done it for years!  Although basic prep work is similar to vinyl siding, the installation techniques are completely different and the true siding contractor knows this. Back in the day, many vinyl only contractors slammed Hardiplank, Weatherboards and fiber cement siding because they didn’t want to learn about it and have to change their thinking process. Also it is good if the company you pick has actually been to the manufacturing factory to see the details of how the product is made. As the owner for  Superior Exterior Systems, I have been to numerous factories out of state including the Hardie Plank, Certainteed Weatherboards, Wolverine and Alside factories. We hope this helps a bit in your selection of choosing the right siding contractor for you biggest investment. Feel free to get more information at for your time.

Portland or Vancouver homeowners - with summer winding down do you need your siding replaced?

August 22nd, 2009

Fall is almost in the air and it has been an extremely short summer.  Have you been putting off having your siding replaced if it is a problem?  Some homeowners wait until the end of summer to have their LP, cedar or EIFS stucco replaced.  This can make it difficult for you when it comes to scheduling as siding contractors can be backed up.  Some customers want to get the siding fixed before fall and the rainy season comes.  Some siding contractors only work during the spring and summer so their pricing is higher because they have to  make all their overhead and profits for the year in a few months instead of spreading it through the year.  Superior Exterior Systems believes working all year round enables the operating cost of a licensed, bonded and fully insured company  to be less per customer because the cost is simply spread out thru the year.  As a  specialty siding company, Superior Exterior Systems has always kept our pricing reasonable with this simple business principle.  For the consumer this makes good sense. Ask us about our Fair Price Guarantee. You’ll be glad you did!!!  Visit our website at and see some pictures of homes we’ve fixed. We are here to serve you and appreciate your word of mouth advertising.

Get siding in your budget if you live in Portland or Vancouver

August 3rd, 2009

After all these years as a siding contractor right here in the portland oregon and vancouver washington area I have found that many people sometimes get too many bids and then confuse themselves on what details they thought they were getting after they picked a sider. Everything should always be in writing so it’s clear. It’s always good to get bids but go with your gut feeling and pick the siding contractor that  you believe will give you the best details for your hard earned money. Not who is giving you the best snow job.  Spending too little will cost you more If you have to redo the project at a later date and spending too much costs you more up front. Our company made a critical decision years ago. We decided to explain fair cost once rather than poor quality for a lifetime.  With almost 2 decades of experience our customers are grateful for our work ethic after they have seen what we can do to any home. The bottom line is you can spend as much as you want but remember it’s impossible to pay a little and get alot. Doing research, looking at websites, meeting with reps are all part of the process. The problem is if you talk to 5 different companies they will often give 5 different answers especially if they cant get a certain product you want OR can’t do a specific installation technique that you want. Thats where your common sense has to kick in.  As the homeowner, you know what is ultimately best for you. You also know how you are comfortable in the decision making process on how much you want to spend for how much quality you want to get. Superior Exterior Systems doesn’t pressure customers which may be one reason why so many people pick us. Look around and you’ll see our yard signs everywhere. For more information, details and pictures feel free to visit or simply call (503)285-0875 or (360)687-8936. We hope this helps and thanks for listening. We do everything for the exterior of your home.