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Realtors, LP siding replacement, Hardie-Plank vinyl & cedar

September 7th, 2009

Over the last 2 decades I have seen that some realtors are usually well intentioned but often un-informed regarding their clients and Lp siding replacement. As a siding contractor,  it only takes me a few seconds to truly verify if a home has LP siding. The infamous Lp knot is the determining factor although I can usually tell from the grain texture before I find the knot. It’s about as big as a silver dollar and if you look real close you can make out a faint L and a P in it as part of the grain pattern in the circular knot.  Its definitely hard to see your first time. Realtors are often afraid the siding contractor will blow their deal so they  sometimes dont disclose that the property has LP. Superior Exterior Systems has worked with hundreds of realtors over the years simply because we are factual with all parties and would never sour the sale. Sellers and buyers often ask what siding is best? It depends on variables like what siding material is most common on that particular street and what the homeowners goals and likes are. Hardi-Plank, a type of fiber cement siding, has definitely  become the norm and the most popular but remember to use high quality paint. Its a good idea to back roll it after spraying it to protect it from our wet climate. Cedar siding is still popular in parts of portland oregon and usually takes the most maintenance. It also usually takes the most paint. I just built a garage/shop and it took 25 gallons of primer and paint. Thats alot for a simple garage. If you want to simply wash your home down in summer vinyl siding may be for you. We have sided many extremely high end homes in products such as Craneboard, which is a very high end vinyl siding that has a solid feel to it. Overall, with vinyl, you have the most options between grades. Remember not all vinyl siding is equal though. You have a lot of vinyl grades and design options in the Portland Vancouver area.

Years ago my company started a “pay in escrow” option for those selling their home. It’s  tougher for us but  people selling really like this benefit. The realtors like it because it moves their sale along quicker and they in turn usually refer us to other realtors. Thanks again for your time and feel free to get more info at when doing your research.