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areas that Superior Exterior Systems services in Portland metro and southwest washington

October 24th, 2009

I often get asked exactly what areas of portland oregon and southwest washington does Superior Exterior Systems work in. As boring as this blog may be here goes a list of all the areas… Around the portland metro area we work in Tigard King City Oregon City Milwauke  Gladstone Clackamas Happy Valley Estacada Canby Lake Oswego Wilsonville Tualatin Sherwood Beaverton Aloha Hillsboro Cornelius Newberg  Dundee Banks Rock Creek North Plains Forest Grove Cornelius NW portland Cedar Hills SW Portland SE Portland North Portland Downtown Portland Gresham Troutdale  Wood Village Fairview Boring Sellwood & Sandy. This would cover most of Multonomah  County Washington County Yamhill County and Clackamas County. We will go to Salem and the oregon coast if need be to install siding but not just if the client only wants windows. For southwest washington we work in Camas Washougal Downtown Vancouver Salmon Creek Ridgefield Woodland LaCenter Kalama Longview Battleground Brush Prairie and Fishers Landing which covers more than just Clark County. One again I apologize for this boring blog. My next one will be more detailed and informative for the consumer. Thanks and feel free to visit for even more information that can help you in your research.

The Pros & Cons of Lp siding replacement

October 22nd, 2009

Being a siding contractor in  portland oregon and southwest washington for almost 2 decades I often get asked about the pros & cons of LP siding replacement during the holidays so I thought  I would address this valid question. A few pros are that the homeowner would most likely get better incentive material pricing in that supply houses don’t want to sit on too much  inventory through the winter. The siding contractor will also generally give some incentive as we usually want to spread out work flow throughout the year rather than just being swamped in spring and summer.  Another plus is that often customers can be home during the holidays watching the crews and making sure they are getting what they paid for. There will also be less waiting time which fluctuates  quite a bit in the busier season as workload often gets backed up IF the company does exceptional work. Remember also that the best contractors are the ones working during the holidays. The pack gets thinned to only the best of the best.  As the owner of Superior Exterior Systems, this is huge to me. Employees that make me really happy get to work because they are the ones that make YOU really happy. Over all these years I have interviewed and known endless crews. Realistically over 90 siding contractors. Every one says they are the best crew.  Talk is too cheap and sometimes so is their work. The judge is the customer and myself. Another pro is that popular siders are managing less jobs so they can give more attention to each individual customer. Also, your yard is generally dormant so it is easier on the landscape although courteous workers will always be respectful. I am sure there are more pros but these are the first that come to mind. A few cons are  the obvious inconvenience of  noise and strangers around your yard. Although our work is on the outside this is a legitimate downside. All our customers fill out a report card and grade us on numerous details so my crews know I expect exceptionally good comments on the card. Everybody who knows me also knows I will give  a lengthy lecture on “overachieving” if for any reason we don’t get an A or B on the report card itself. (My full grown kids and wife of 29 years are probably rolling their eyes right now because they’ve got these for a long long time) Another con is that if you pick Hardi-Plank, sometimes spelled Hardie Plank, or Certainteed Weatherboard fiber cement siding  you will need to wait for a small dry spell to paint. This also isnt too much of a problem as painters will often give better pricing during the holidays and are also not backed up.  Just make sure to wait for a dry week. I sincerely hopes this helps and feel free to visit We will always try to give you clear, unbiased, logical information to help you which ultimately helps us.  Our company moto is Solving your problems once and for all.  Thanks for listening portland oregon and southwest washington.

can you paint vinyl siding?

October 1st, 2009

Recently I went on another siding inspection with a potential client who painted vinyl sidinga few years ago in Battleground Washington. it was similar to a siding inspection years ago in Portland oregon area where they painted there vinyl siding. They were advised from Sherwin Williams that an ultra hi-end paint they sell called Duration will work. Let me make this clear DONT EVER PAINT VINYL SIDING!!!  This homeowner now has extremely bad looking siding. The heat from the darker green they painted the vinyl siding is building up creating substantial warping.  This is not just happening on the south wall but EVERY wall.  All vinyl siding constantly contracts and expands so at most seams the paint is wearing out showing the original color underneath. It looks terrible. Why would a painter AND Sherwin Williams rep give this extremely bad advice? They were completely out of bounds. Duration paint is THE most expensive paint you can get. Roughly twice the cost of their other paint.  The actual can of paint says it can be used on vinyl siding and  has a 50 year warranty. That doesn’t mean it will adhere or will work on every product. I have been inspecting siding problems for almost 2 decades in the portland vancouver area and have inspected and seen thousands and thousands of homes.  From  fiber cement based Hardie-plank to vinyl siding to cedar siding to Eifs stucco.  Live with the color you have or change the siding. In my assessment, Sherwin Williams is fully responsible but I’m sure will not own up to all the cost of replacing. If this bad advice would not have been given, the homeowner would simply live with a color they dont like. That hurts alot less than what they are going thru now.  They  understandably cant sell it and cant live with it. They are also haggling with Sherwin Williams over who will pay to replace this and that headache will definitely take some time. I’m sure that will come with aggravation that nobody deserves. Why did this rep & painter give such bad advice? DONT EVER PAINT VINYL SIDING!  You’ll be opening a can of worms after you’ve  opened  expensive cans of paint  that will cost you even more!. You’ve heard the saying just do it?  Just DONT do it!

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