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Can you fix your LP siding problem during the rainy season?

November 15th, 2009

The answer is yes BUT you want to make sure the siding contractor is using a very potent industrial fungicide and not just the typical bleach and water most siding contractors use because they haven’t done their research or are not specialists in replacing Lp siding. Even in the middle of summer, when your house is fully dry, we will still saturate it with our special order fungicide, mined in the salt mines of California and designed specifically to kill ALL mold and preserve the subwall and studs.  Remember salt has been a preservative since the beginning. (I realize that sounds corny, but it’s true) The disodium octaborate tetrahydrate is a powder that is mixed in with water as the carrier and then crystallizes on the subwall of your home when it dries under the new Hardie plank, Certanteed Weatherboards, cedar or vinyl siding.  After almost 2 decades of using it, Superior Exterior Systems will guarantee you wont get mold again. Its also best for the contractor to work on 1 wall at a time to control the amount of moisture so as not to water the crystals down. The type of moisture barrier and weatherization system is equally critical in our climate. I recently bid on a large 31 year old condo project that had cheap sheetrock under aluminum siding and NO house wrap at all. NONE!!  Old school siding contractors often leave out critical details or are just uneducated in mold treatments because its just a job to them, not a career. Another big advantage for the consumer is that  you will get reduced pricing to keep crews working and company advertising moving forward. We often earn the trust of your friends and neighbors when they see our craftsman working. So, even if the weather is dry, it needs to be wet for the crystals to impregnate into the wood. If you live anywhere near Portland Oregon or Southwest Washington feel free to call us or visit more info. Thanks once for listening.