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siding contractor & rain drop moisture barrier in portland oregon & vancouver washington

March 26th, 2010

You may have read my angry blog a few months ago on the new oregon MANDATED rain screen laws. We are happy to announce that will be carrying a simple yet affective solution. Although it technically isn’t law in southern washington, it can still be used there too.  A manufacturer named Green Guard has come up with a building envelope moisture barrier called RainDrop. It has vertical raised lines imbedded into the wrap that actually allow unwanted moisture to drain thru to the bottom and out. Again, remember the idea is to allow no water in the wall which always requires upkeep from the homeowner with caulking and painting so dont put that off.  This Rain Drop housewrap & moisture barrier we will be carrying is made of cross woven polyolefin designed with an enhanced contour to facilitate the drainage of water that may penetrate the siding in wind driven rain. It wont breakdown over time and is a practical concept which wont raise the siding cost at all. There are other methods that will raise the cost significantly . In my previous blog you could tell I was FURIOUS about this oregon new law but am now happy to say this is a practical & effective option and will not raise the cost where the other options are significantly more expensive.  With an expense like this most homeowners focus on the finish look and dont want to pay alot for the moisture barrier application which is eventually unseen so this is very cost effective and still delivers results but MUST be installed properly.  As a siding contractor in the portland metro and southern washington area we are always here to earn your trust while educating you offering numerous options so you can decide whats best for you instead of letting a high pressure salesman decide. This is another reason why we are so well known with local realtors and there problems with listing Lp homes. Visit us at for even more information and lots of pictures with design ideas that may help you. Or you can simply call us at (503)285-0875 or (360)687- 8936.  Thanks again for listening.

EIFS Stucco siding contractor & Dryvit stucco

March 17th, 2010

Some homeowners have asked me about their stucco. The most common stucco siding in the northwest is called EIFS but is  sometimes referred to as Dryvit. It stands for Exterior Insulating Finish System and it is truly a nightmare in the northwest. We realistically find severe structural rot under it 87% of the time. It is generally installed 2 ways by  either being glued on or randomly screwed with special grommets which is much more labor intensive to remove. Its has white beaded looking Styrofoam under it giving it some insulation value although nothing is as good as R21 or better packed in your wall cavity as newerhomes have 2 x 6 walls. The main problem is that if water gets in it doesnt get out. So it sits there and molds or rots the wood underneath as rain continues.  My previous blog spoke about the new oregon  mandated rain screen system. This particular stucco would not have had so many problems IF a rain screen system would have been used for this reason - water tends to get in MORE  around the windows & doors on EIFS than other sidings. Most builders that took a chance with this style of stucco were from California where rain isnt a problem.  For years Eifs has been having problems in any state where there is higher moisture content. How can you tell if your stucco is actually Eifs?  Go to the bottom of your stucco, feel unerneath the bottom drip edge. If it feels anything  like  foam you have the Eifs style of stucco. Every siding contractor in the northwest hates removing it for the reason that when it is painfully stripped off the home the white foam under it breaks apart and  goes everywhere so special measures are taken to contain the mess. If there is ANY wind during the siding removal, it makes it even tougher to contain it.  Another fact is that this styrofoam NEVER breaks down in the landfills.  As always I hope this helps as our goal and passion is to teach and help others with information on siding. For pics of Eifs tear off  that we did go to you may not like what you see but need to be aware. thanks again for listening.