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Realtors, siding contractors & selling a home with Lp siding or stucco

October 26th, 2010

We all know in the portland vancouver area that selling a home in this economy is tough but many of us have found out the hard way  selling one that still has Lp siding is even harder. With all the “short sales” & people losing their homes because they are upside down on the mortgage there are way too many other homes for sale which is your competition when you are selling. If you still have LP siding, that will definitely  become an objection to any buyer. Generally you will get better pricing  if you replace your Lp siding during November and December  since most siding contractors simply want to keep cash flow going. Many sellers dont believe how much mold can be under their lap siding but many buyers are not going to take that chance with all the excessive rain we get. It makes sense to me  as a consumer that if I am selling my home and hire a siding contractor myself I can control the pricing rather than letting an over zealous buyer, who usually feels they are entitled to alot of extras, pick all the details.  In other words, the seller is financially better off if they choose the details. Mold grows in wet climates which is why there are more problems with  Lp  siding in the portland vancouver area. Do you remember the old aluminum windows and how badly they sweat and because of the moisture get moldy?  Picture that happening under the Lp siding that you are selling or buying.  That is what buyers are concerned about. Often times buyers have seen their neighbors siding replaced and walked over and have seen the mold & dry rot underneath.  These are not scare tactics. As a specialty siding contractor with 19 years experience in the portland & vancouver area, mod & sub wall rot is what  we see  when we replace siding or stucco.  Superior Exterior Systems installs all brands including Hardie Plank, Certanteed Weatherboards,  cedar & vinyl  siding. I fully understand nobody wants to hear about mold or rot but it is reality because of the endless rain.  Just take a close look at your roof. We often replace roofs that people just didn’t take care of over the years.  It’s hard enough to sell in this economy and equally hard in the fall and winter months simply because there are less buyers looking. It makes sense that sellers should always eliminate potential buyer objections up front so that good realtors can do their job and make everybody happy with the sale of your home. I am currently selling my home and have bought or sold many with realtors over the years. Its tough selling right now! Each seller must make the best decision for themselves on how to eliminate what the buyers don’t want so they can get their home sold and move on. We are currently removing Eifs stucco from the front of a home in West Linn Oregon per the advice of the customers realtor.  The experienced realtor saw the advantage of removing the buyers objection before it can come up. For pics of  homes that had mold, Lp & Eifs stucco or to learn more feel free to visit Thanks for listening and good luck if you are selling. We need it.