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Portland Vancouver realtors love our Pay in Escrow siding program

May 11th, 2011

Over the years, realtors in Portland and Vancouver have expressed their thanks and comments on our popular Pay in Escrow program. Basically it helps to not hold up your sale and closing process by allowing the cost to be paid thru the escrow. This has been proven VERY effective especially when dealing with Lp siding or Eifs stucco as buyers are extremely hesitant and cautious of making an offer if they feel they will be inheriting a serious problem or unknown situation as many have learned  over the years.  Usually the wood underneath the siding, which should be plywood but often is not,  is also made from Lp and is a question mark in the minds of the buyer since it is also a particle osb board.   Lp made the subwall underlayment so builders usually ordered Lp subwall when ordering the siding.  It made sense to them at the time.  We’ve often found this to be true even on high end homes in the West Hills and Lake Oswego.  The subwall underlayment is exactly the same as the siding but doesn’t have the Lp “skin” protecting it.  Note that if the home has panel or t1-11 style Lp siding it is put directly over the studs with no moisture barrier. Every time!  NO MOISTURE BARRIER.  It was cheap and thats why builders used it so much. They didn’t have to pay for subwall or moisture barrier.  It was and is legal believe it or not.  If you are a local realtor who has struggled with this problem feel free to visit us at and click on our page specifically for realtors.  If you don’t know how to identify Lp siding, we can help with this also when you call.  Thanks for checking and for more detailed information please visit our website. You’ll be glad you did.

Lp siding, Dryvit & Eifs stucco replacement in portland oregon

May 5th, 2011

Superior Exterior Systems finished another siding project in Portland Oregon.   This home had unique challenges in that it had faulty Lp siding, Eifs synthetic stucco and an extremely  steep hillside.   When we meticulously remove Eifs stucco,  it is critical that the styrofoam behind it is immediately contained so winds do not disperse the endless tiny foam beads and pollute the environment.   The steep hillside didn’t make this any easier.  The Lp siding came off as usual with recycling disposal since our siding removal is always green.   This client chose new cedar lap siding which will look good for a long time when properly maintained and doesn’t rot as Lp siding does.  We also did a substantial amount of dry stack style stone to completely renew the front of the home.   Most siding projects take 1 - 2 weeks depending on which variables each individual chooses and if stone or windows are also installed.  This project did end up going 2 days over schedule but at the end, the customer was pleased and even gave us a tip.  That was funny.  We also installed decorative window trim per customers instructions to give more detail since the home will probably be sold in a few years.  Pictures have been loaded on so feel free to log in and see them.  As always,  Superior Exterior Systems exists to help and inform homeowners when you need new siding, Eifs stucco replacement, Lp removal, roofing, decking, windows, stone or brick.  You’ll be glad you met with us and  will definitely be more informed for a wise decision whatever you choose when the time is right for you. Thanks again for your time and visiting our website.