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Stone or brick for Portland siding homes?

June 17th, 2011

Superior Exterior Systems has experience installing all forms of siding for almost 2 decades including stone and brick.  Materials & labor to install is considerably more expensive than Hardi Plank or cedar siding which is why most people only put it on portions of the front.  Often stone is used to accent 3 feet from the ground or on pillars & columns because of its cost.  Over the years stone has definitely become more popular than brick although both will give strong curb appeal for resale value.  Drystack stone is a style  where mortar isn’t used between the joints or pieces of stone and tends to give a higher end cottage or castle look.  Some say drystack stone has a desert style look but if you drive around the high end areas of West Linn, NW Portland Hills or Lake Oswego, to name a few, you will see much more stone than brick these days, especially on newer homes.   Brick gives a more traditional or conservative look and although still used, products like cultured stone are ordered more over the last decade.  For more info and an indepth picture gallery feel free to log into Thanks again for listening.