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Can you sell a home with Eifs stucco or Dryvit in Portland Oregon?

July 28th, 2011

I was talking today with a person who recently inherited a home in the Raleigh Hills area of Portland. Unfortunately it has Eifs stucco and she asked me some very pertinent questions that I thought would be useful to you if you are stuck with the Eifs problem.  She asked, Can I just pass on a discounted price to the potential buyers instead of the hassle of replacing it?   The main problem with selling when you have the Eifs siding is threefold.   1. If the buyers or realtors have any info on Eifs,  most will look to other homes for sale down the street because of the large risk and question mark as to how much mold may be under it.  They are generally asking themselves will I be buying a money pit in this economy?  Most people will buy with the path of path least resistance in mind.  They have enough headache with simply  moving all their accumulated “stuff”.  Ask yourself - what would I do & what would my spouse do?  Although some people by nature are risk takers,  as I am being a business owner, most would not take that chance with such a large investment. Choosing a home and moving is already emotionally draining enough.  Oftentimes the pain of divorce is a major factor too.   2. The next question is - If you finally find someone who is a risk taker will the bank loan go thru since the bank would then be taking the risk and Eifs MUST be disclosed with the lending laws?  Banks want stability and security especially in this oppressed market. Loans are hard enough to get with lending nightmare of the last couple years. 3. Will realtors show my house if they think their deals wont go thru?  Will they bypass us for others in the area knowing they have to disclose to the bank it has Eifs?  Will my house sit in this economy?   In summary: You can try to list it with Eifs and see if you get any offers but be prepared for the worst. Better to be prepared than not.  For pics and a lot of information specifically on Eifs log into or simply call (503) 285-0875 or (360)687-8936.  This is what we do all day, all week and all year. Thanks for listening.

Eifs stucco & Dryvit problems in Portland Oregon and southern washington

July 26th, 2011

Over the years Superior Exterior Systems has seen an increase with stucco problems when a home has Eifs in the portland and vancouver areas. Without question there is considerably more Eifs synthetic stucco in portland but still some in the vancouver washington out lying areas.  Eifs stands for Exterior Insulation Finish System. The problem is wherever there are openings like windows or doors and rain gets behind it  thru wind or simple constant dripping,  it doesn’t get out.  It doesn’t evaporate  since there isn’t any airspace between the styrofoam under the Eifs and the subwall so the moisture begins to soak into the wood subwall.  When the rain gets in these openings or cracks it penetrates the building envelope and gets behind the Styrofoam under the thin stucco style layer on the surface.  Here is a BIG difference between Eifs stucco and Lp siding.  Lp generally shows some moisture deterioration on the surface but Eifs doesn’t show deterioration on the surface at all  because of the thin stucco style layer.   Over the years, Superior Exterior Systems has worked on homes that were only 6 years old with considerable rot underneath and almost every home has had some wood rot or mold in portions of the house.  The homeowners were POSITIVE there wouldn’t be problems simply because Eifs homes generally aren’t very old.  Usually under 10 years old.  Remember, this will NEVER be under the whole home but only in the areas water is getting past the top layer of stucco.  The good news is many builders installed Eifs only on the front of the home to give a high end look.  For pics and more information on Eifs feel free to visit or simply call (503)285-0875 or (360)687-8936.  Thanks for checking in.

Lp panel siding in portland oregon & vancouver washington

July 19th, 2011

We have replaced a large amount of Lp panel siding in the Portland & Vancouver area.  People often ask, should mine be replaced or can we go over it?  It definitely depends on your budget, goals and the actual condition of the panel Lp siding.  Builders often used it on 3 sides of many homes because they didn’t have to pay for moisture barrier  or sheeting under those 3 sides.  Yes thats correct.  If you have ANY panel Lp siding, you don’t have moisture barrier or sheeting under it.  The 4 x8 sheets are nailed directly on to your studs.  So do you need to have your panel removed before putting new siding on?  If cost was not an issue I would say absolutely yes but cost always is a main concern in this economy.  We can inspect your panel for free.  Sometimes there is rot on the studs and sometimes there isn’t.  Feel free to visit us at to see detailed pics and a video of panel removal in progress on homes we’ve fixed or simply call us at (503) 285-0875  or (360)687-8936. Thanks again for listening.

picture galleries on portland siding companies websites

July 17th, 2011

I may be a bit picky here but as I get on siding companies websites and look at their photo galleries, many if not most of them look like the generic pictures manufactures  like Hardi Plank & Certanteed Weatherboards have offered for me to use on my website.  No way could I use generic pictures of siding, roofing, windows, stone or any other products that my carpenters didn’t do the actual work.  Why?  Doesn’t it make more sense for potential customers to see projects the siding company has  truly completed when it’s in their website gallery.  Maybe consumers can’t tell this but I usually can.  Now as I think of this, some of my pics have blue skies which isn’t very common these days here in the northwest.  But my workers have completed the siding on them.  For picture of homes we have fixed log into   A friend says  I’m being too picky so please chime in on if you feel pictures in a siding contractors gallery should be homes their carpenters have actually done?  Thanks again for looking and sorry if I’m splitting hairs.

portland vancouver area siding contractor has new video

July 10th, 2011

Superior Exterior Systems has recently created a new video and loaded it on our website. It loads automatically on the home page and has lots of detailed pictures of residential homes that are actually in progress and completed.  This new video show projects with Lp siding, Eifs stucco being removed and is extremely informational.  We would love your opinion, good or bad.  Please visit Thanks for watching.