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Portland or Vancouver homeowners -need your Lp siding or Eifs Dryvit stucco inspected before summer ends?

August 20th, 2011

Fall is almost in the air and it has been an extremely short summer.  Have you been putting off having your  siding inspected if it is a problem?  Some homeowners wait until the end of summer to have their LP, cedar or EIFS stucco replaced.  This can make it difficult for you when it comes to scheduling as siding contractors can be backed up.  Some customers want to get the siding fixed before fall and the rainy season comes.  Some siding contractors only work during the spring and summer so their pricing is higher because they have to  make all their overhead and profits for the year in a few months instead of spreading it through the year.  Superior Exterior Systems believes working all year round enables the operating cost of a licensed, bonded and fully insured company  to be less per customer because the cost is simply spread out thru the year.  As a  specialty siding company, Superior Exterior Systems has always kept our pricing reasonable with this simple business principle.  For the consumer this makes good sense. Ask us about our Fair Price Guarantee. You’ll be glad you did!!!  Visit our website at some pictures of homes we’ve fixed.  We are here to serve you and appreciate your word of mouth advertising.

Can you sell a home with faulty siding in Portland Vancouver metro

August 11th, 2011

Many realtors, buyers and sellers  call us to inspect homes with Lp siding or EIFS stucco when they are for sale.  Although clearly not all homes have problems many sellers are in denial until they list their homes and don’t get a decent offer within 5-6 months.  Without question our lousy economy doesn’t help this problem.  Lower priced homes will always sell quicker than higher end homes.  Buyers hire us because they simply don’t want to purchase a problem and want independent objective advice which is understandable.  Many companies charge for every inspection.  Superior Exterior Systems doesn’t and never will.  We just want the opportunity to earn your business if that time comes.  It surprises me that so many realtors still don’t know how to identify Lp siding and many don’t know that if there is Lp on the front, it probably is also on the back 3 sides even though it is the panel Lp siding style.  Panel Lp siding is also clearly identifiable.  Todays home buyers are more picky than ever simply because there is so much inventory for sale everywhere.  If they like your area, but not your siding, they will simply keep looking until they find a home where the problem siding has already been replaced.  Most buyers negotiate with the seller on price if they make an offer at all to cover the full cost of unfixed siding.  Seems logical to have it inspected,  get price quotes and then decide IF that is the best route for the seller to take.  Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t.  For a free inspection or to verify if you do indeed have Lp siding or EIFS stucco call (503) 285-0875 or (360) 687-8936 or simply log into Thanks again for listening.

bogus siding bids in Portland & Vancouver are common

August 10th, 2011

As the owner of Superior Exterior Systems, I have had homeowners in the portland-vancouver metro tell me many times that they got bids where the company gave them a low price up front and then charged them considerably more when little things came up.  Be careful accepting a bid that is just too good to be true.  Think about it.  Will the owner of a siding company pay to put siding on your home if a salesman underbid it.  Believe it or not, I actually paid $1123.00 once when an eager new salesman I eventually fired DID charge too little where I paid to finish the home.  Rather than lose integrity and probably get a bunch of legal problems, I decided to simply finish siding the house.  It was painful but I did.  I don’t use salesman anymore for this reason.  Generally the best siding contractor will be  priced in the middle.  Prices that are not too high and not too low.  If it’s too low, the siding company is probably leaving out critical prep work details or more likely WILL come back and charge you more for anything they can.  Maybe they aren’t licensed or bonded or insured.   Insurance is really expensive these days. If it’s too high they probably have too much overhead or salesman that get bonuses when the profits are high.   To be fair if the customer changes details or structural rot is found underneath, it is obviously reasonable to get charged more.   So if the price sounds just too good to be true, it probably is.  In life all of us get what we pay for.  Unfortunately in this economy some siding salesman will say whatever they can to “get” your business.  Don’t learn the hard way with a ridiculously low bid.  Superior Exterior Systems doesn’t want to  ”get” your business. We want to earn it.  For more info call (503)285-0875 or (360)687-8936 or simply log into and we’ll be glad to answer any questions and maybe earn your business.  Thanks again for listening.