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installing Hardie Plank fiber cement siding in the rain in Portland or Vancouver metro?

September 18th, 2011

People often ask me if Hardie Plank fiber cement siding  can be installed in the rain.  First let me say that Superior exterior Systems is a completely independent siding contractor with no affiliations with any manufacture other than installing their products.  I can honestly say that over the years we have consistently installed more residential  Hardie PLank siding than anything else.  The local supply houses who stock Hardie siding have told me that year after year.  So can hardie Plank be installed in the rain?  The answer is yes if done properly.  If you have Lp panel style siding that  is getting soft at the bottom drip edge or around windows,  the question is do you want to leave that on another rainy season with potentially more expensive damage happening underneath?   If you have panel style, take 10 minutes and walk around your house and gently pull up every 12-16 inches or so along the bottom.  If you have a 2 story, see if the drip edge at the bottom of the 2nd story is swelling.  Take a crew driver and gently poke around the bottom corners of the windows. The south and west sides usually take most of the abuse so make sure to check those areas well.  If you have sprinklers check the siding where the sprinkler water  hits the house as this excellerates any wood decaying.  Heres the problem: panel Lp siding or ANY panel style siding (4 x 8 sheets) never has a moisture barrier.  It is nailed up directly over your studs.   Hardie can be installed in the rain.  Siding companies generally  give more competitive pricing to keep business flowing during the rainy season.  Hardie Plank comes covered with waterproof plastic put on at the factory because the back side of Hardie isn’t primed so that section should stay protected.  All 4 edges and the surface is primed to protect from the rain.  Superior Exterior Systems sprays an industrial strength fungicide on your wood as a mold inhibitor which also kills carpenter ants & termites.  I know of  no other company that uses this specific fungicide.  The fact is that if your house is completely dry and is sided during summer, we will still wet it since the fungicide is a powder and water is the carrier to spread the powder so that it can impregnate the wood.  If you are removing panel Lp siding, extra care needs to be taken so that your insulation doesn’t get wet.  Fiber cement is made for all climates so can be installed during the rainy season.  It is by far  the most common siding used here in the Portland - Vancouver metro. Look up my past blogs on Hardie Plank and its competitor Certainteed Weatherboards for more info on fiber cement siding. For pics and more technical info on your options log into or simply call us at (503)285-0875 or (360) 687-8936.

Hardi Plank fiber cement siding in Vancouver washington

September 2nd, 2011

As a siding contractor,  I have seen siding trends & styles come & go.  Hardi Plank  fiber cement siding is one that has come and stayed.  It has been the siding choice of homeowners consistently since it started being used in Vancouver and Portland metro areas.  Vinyl was popular before Hardi came into the northwest but vinyl siding took a back seat a long time ago.   As an independent siding contractor, Superior Exterior Systems orders and installs any siding products the consumer wants so we have no motivation to sell one product over another but Hardi Plank  is definitely what most people want.  Hardi fiber cement has been the siding of choice since it has been available since the mid 90’s in the northwest.  I seem to recall being introduced to it first around 1995 or so.  Over the years, we have installed so much of it exactly the way they want that we were privileged to get a personal invite from the  James Hardi organization.  They are very protective of the manufacturing process and generally don’t let people see it.  I  know of no other installer that has been there.  I believe it would be impossible for another siding contractor to get a tour of their factory now simply because it was so rare to get a tour when we did.  If you have any interest or want your siding inspected feel free to call (360) 687-8936 or (503)285-0875.  Log into for more technical info and a picture gallery of Hardi Plank design ideas we’ve come up with.