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summer end sale for siding material in Portland PDX and Vancouver Wa

December 25th, 2011

Superior Exterior Systems is having a summer end sale for any siding product you choose.  Get 200 sq feet of Hardie Plank or any material you like free when we install it before summer ends. This is valid for any 2 wall minimum and must be scheduled before summer ends. For pictures and details log into or call us direct.

Siding Contractor installs Hardie Plank Panel in Vancouver Wa

December 21st, 2011

Superior Exterior Systems recently removed Panel Lp siding that was failing and put up Hardie Plank in Vancouver Washington. This is the style of Hardi Plank that people commonly refer to as T1-11 or “panel siding”.  When removing panel style Lp siding careful consideration should be taken that the sheet rocking screws on the inside of the home don’t start backing out  although it is inevitable that some will.  These interior screws can start to come out just enough to break the skin texture (also called orange peel) on the sheet rock inside the home.  The reason is that those screws have been in the studs and undisturbed for generally 15-20 years and, although a siding contractor should always be careful, the tension and vibration being created by removing the exterior panel Lp siding on the outside causes the “skin”  to show cracking on the inside.  The chances are that you already have sheet rocking screws that have cracked a bit just by the home settling. It’s a good idea to very carefully walk around the inside of your home and mark the areas that have already cracked from settling before you have your Lp siding replaced.  Note these with your siding contractor before work has started.  Take into consideration the age of your home and know that settling over time can easily cause this. On the home we finished in Vancouver, we were glad that only 6 screws started backing out on this 2 story home when we removed the panel siding and installed new Hardi Plank panel. For pics and more information feel free to visit or simply call (360) 687-8936 or (503) 285-0875. Thanks for listening.

Need your siding inspected by a local portland or vancouver siding contractor?

December 6th, 2011

Are you selling or buying a home? Superior Exterior Systems has inspected many homes for both buyers and sellers. A home is the biggest investment you can make. Before you buy that dream home, make sure it’s not going to become your worst nightmare.  You may want to have one of our licensed inspectors check  the siding especially if you think it is Lp siding, Eifs stucco, t1-11 or any other type of siding.  We have even inspected homes that have Hardie Plank which was only 6 or 7 years old.  Don’t get fooled just because it may be a high end home.  Eifs stucco looks good on the outside but you’ll want to know what is happening underneath BEFORE you purchase.  Our inspections are free so you may want to know before you list the homes for sale if you are thinking of selling. Our inspectors have high end digitally calibrated moisture meters that can help you know if rain has been getting underneath. For photos of some homes feel free to visit

portland siding company makes another homeowner happy with roof & windows too

December 6th, 2011

A local siding company,  Superior Exterior Systems just finished updating another home in Portland PDX.   This one got new siding, a new architectural shake roof and new double paned vinyl windows.  Although we specialize as a siding contractor in the portland vancouver area, Superior Exterior Systems also contracts other aspects on the exterior of your home.  If you need multiple exterior projects done like siding, roofing & windows its always better to contract with one company to reduce your cost since every company will have operating costs and instead of paying 3, you are only paying 1 .  This siding project went well with no problems and only minor rot found on the south wall which we expected.  The customers existing t1-11 siding was about 17 years old so it was pretty soft  in some areas. The original windows were aluminum so they were  happy to finally get energy efficient vinyl windows. If you need to have your home inspected or want to see photos of design ideas on how we can update your home, feel free to visit us or simply call us at (503) 285-0875 if you live in the portland metro area or (360)687-8936 if you live in southern washington.