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Portland siding contractor uses Hardie Plank as popular option to replace Lp siding

March 17th, 2012

Superior Exterior Systems recently finished another project in the Portland Oregon area. This homeowner called us because he had mold growing in the original siding which was Lp composite and was affecting his kids.  At first I was leery in that it would take a lot of mold to affect a child but I have never had allergies.  Under the Lp siding there was indeed a strong mold build up near her bedroom.  Lp was a  popular choice for builders when homes were built in the 80’s & 90’s.  If your home was built then and you live in the portland - vancouver metro areas, there is a strong chance you may have it.  On this project, we installed new gutters and a considerable amount of brick accents in addition to Hardie Plank fiber cement siding.  Hardie Plank has become extremely popular over the last decade.  The warranties are good but it must be installed correctly and most important the rain screen, prep work and what goes on BEFORE the siding is installed are critical.  Be careful though because in this economy, as companies have had to diversify and cut costs, many contractors don’t specialize in siding but now try installing it.  Watch out for  companies that came from the new construction market that have migrated into the remodel market.  Some of these use unskilled migrant workers simply because they can be paid less an therefore can give bids that are just too questionable and cheap. There song may sound great but the problem is you won’t know until they show up to start work.  Either way, when Hardie is installed well the product itself is without questions the most popular siding product in the northwest.  When removing Lp the prep work and treatment of the home is different. For more info feel free to call the experts at Superior Exterior Systems at  (503) 285-0875 or (360) 687-8936 or log into Thanks for looking.