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tips on pressure washing your home from Vancouver siding contractor

November 20th, 2012

When you pressure wash your siding make sure NOT to shoot water into your overhangs.  Most soffit areas, also called overhangs,  generally have screened ventilation called “bird blocks” which should NEVER have water shot into them. If this happens, water  can cause problems on the inside of your walls and you may see it dripping down your sheetrock on the inside. Painters should know better but when a young kid is doing the pressure washing make sure to tell him of this. Also NEVER pressure wash your windows directly as this could cause the seal/gasket to blow out and lose its seal.  If you do, stand back far but we don’t recommend it at all.  If you have vinyl siding, ALWAYS point the water to run over the seams and not into them.  Visit us at for pics and more info.

Local siding contractor installs Hardie Plank in Vancouver WA

November 20th, 2012

Superior Exterior Systems recently finished replacing cedar shake siding on another home in Vancouver WA.  We installed  Hardie Plank fiber cement.  The house had extremely old brittle cedar shake siding and was in strong need of replacement. Cedar shake is always time consuming to replace in that it breaks apart into pieces and is much more messy than removing other products.  Hundreds of original nails then have be pounded back into the subwall.  For more info or to see pics of our work please visit