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Battle Ground siding contractor posts pics of Hardie Plank homes

December 22nd, 2012

To see pics of homes with Hardie Plank in Battle Ground visit us at and clikc on the photos page or simply call (360) 687-8936.

How popular is Hardie Plank in Portland and Vancouver metro areas?

December 17th, 2012

As a siding contractor with  21 years experience installing all brands, Superior Exterior Systems installs more Hardie Plank than any other siding products these days. Hardie Plank fiber cement has become the most popular siding over the last  10 to 15  years.  Fiber cement siding is more durable than others and has a great warranty with it.  Certainteed Weatherboards is the competitor to Hardie Plank and also popular. With all the rain in the northwest, homeowners need something that can stand up over time and Hardie has stood up as long as it is painted regularly, put up properly and maintained well. A critical aspect is that the moisture barrier and windows are flashed properly to protect the building envelope. Caulking for any product has always been a weak point. Many siding companies dont caulk the butt joints anymore which homeowners prefer for less maintenance hassles. For more information and to see pictures and styles of all siding options including Hardie Plank, Weatherboards, vinyl and cedar visit us at or feel free to  simply call (503) 285-0875 or (360) 687-8936. Thanks for looking.

siding contractor gives tip for the day

December 10th, 2012

If you think you have EIFS synthetic stucco siding but aren’t sure a simple way to verify is this… Run your fingers along the bottom, behind the stucco. If it is even remotely soft or you can push up and it feels like styrofoam it is Eifs synthetic stucco. t is also called Dryvit. For more detailed info on synthetic stucco visit us at