Lake Oswego Preferred Hardie Plank siding contractors

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Superior Exterior Systems is a licensed siding contractor serving Lake oswego and surrounding areas.  We  are unbiased and work with all lines of siding although Hardie Plank fiber cement has easily become the most common product used in Lake Oswego.  I am suprised that there is still a lot of Lp in areas like  Lake Oswego and West Linn.  One of the main problems is that by now most of these homes had Lp put on 20 -25 years ago when they were originally built.  Lp siding has been  swelling and growing mold behind the siding which is why it went into a lawsuit in the mid 90’s.  We often find that the original siding contractors did not put ANY moisture barrier underneath when the home was first built which accelerates the problem.   We use digitally calibrated moisture meters we can do a free inspection of your Lp.   Many siding contractors practice unethical  high pressure sales tactics.  We won’t.  often times, we have told homeowners that they can get a few more years out of their Lp depending on how old it is and if it was painted well and often enough.  To see IF you have Lp or for more information, look up our website and you will see the Lp trademark knot on the slideshow.  We have a uick video also. Visit us at    ‎ or simply call (503) 285-0875.


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