Hardie Plank Preferred siding contractors Clackamas Happy Valley Lp siding

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Superior Exterior Systems finished another home in Clackamas replacing failing Lp siding and installing Hardie Plank fiber cement, which is by far the most common product used in todays market.  Surprisingly, there is still a lot of Lp in areas like happy Valley, West Linn and Lake Oswego.  One of the main problems is that by now most of these homes had Lp put on 20 -25 years ago when they were originally built.  With the constant rain we get, Lp siding has been  swelling and growing mold behind the siding which is why it went into a lawsuit in the mid 90’s.  Sometimes we have found that the original siding companies did not put ANY moisture barrier underneath which accelerates the problem.   With digitally calibrated moisture meters we can do a free inspection of your Lp.   Many siding contractors practice unethical  tactics.  We won’t.  Many times, we have told homeowners that they can get a few more years out of their Lp depending on how old it is and if it was painted well often enough.  For more information and to see IF you have Lp, look up our website and you will see the Lp trademark knot on the slideshow.  Call (503) 285-0875 and visit us at    ‎www.superiorexteriorsystems.com

Hardie Plank siding contractors in Clackamas OR

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As an authorized Hardie Plank siding contractor working in Clackamas and surrounding areas,  Superior Exterior Systems just finished another tour at the Hardie Plank factory in Reno Nevada.  Very few local companies are allowed and it is by invite only.  You have to move a lot of hardie fiber cement to get the invitation.  We met with all the big shots and many engineers taking another extensive tour of the entire manufacturing process.  Clackamas is an area where there is still a lot of faulty Lp siding and even some artificial stucco called EIFS.   For more information or a free inspection call us at  (503)  285-0875  or (360) 687-8936. Visit us online at ‎www.superiorexteriorsystems.com

portland siding contractors picture gallery

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Many portland siding contractors use generic pics in their websites provided by manufactures which is truly deceiving because they haven’t done the work.  Log into  ‎www.superiorexteriorsystems.com to see pics of homes that we have done and pics of us working in progress.  Being one of the more cost effective and popular local licensed portland siding contractors we have plenty of pics on our site.  We also have a section called design ideas  for you to get ideas of what might look good on your siding.  We install all lines of siding including Hardie Plank, cedar, vinyl siding and difficult EIFS stucco removal.   Feel free to call (503) 285-0875 for more info.

Curious about Hardie Plank siding? Portland and Vancouver

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Superior Exterior Systems is a local and fully licensed siding contractor.  As an un-biased professional, we install all lines of siding and have 21 years proven experience installing ALL lines of siding on many different styles of homes.  Hardie Plank fiber cement has definitely become the number one choice over the last 2 decades.  We have a tremendous amount of information on our website so feel free to visit us at   ‎www.superiorexteriorsystems.com or call us at (503) 285-0875 or (360) 687-8936.

new Hardie Plank siding and roof on older Portland home

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Superior Exterior Systems recently finished another home in Portland Oregon.   We always find out which products are best for each homeowner and their budget and this customer chose Hardie Plank fiber cement siding and a new roof.   The roof had a steep pitch and needed a full tear off because of the existing layers.  Hardie Plank, sometimes referred to as Hardi Board,  comes with an impressive  30 year warranty from the factory.  As a professionally licensed siding company and roofer we also include a lifetime warranty on all our labor.  For more info and to see many pics of homes that are probably similar to yours feel free to vista us at  ‎www.superiorexteriorsystems.com or simply call (503) 285-0875 or (360) 687-8936.  You’ll be glad you did.

Authorized Hardie Plank Contractor in Vancouver and Portland

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Superior Exterior Systems is an authorized Hardie Plank siding contractor preferred by customers servicing the entire Portland and Vancouver metro areas.  Most siding companies have not gone thru their specific training programs and jumped thru their pre-requisites.  Don’t assume all companies have.   Way back in 1999 we were invited by the team of engineers that create HardiePlank to tour the manufacturing plant and have gone thru ongoing training over the last 15 years.   Superior has also been multiple times to Hardie factories to meet with the engineers and Hardiplank BIG shots to talk about specifics with the manufacturing process and our unique installation techniques.  We are thankful and priveledged as this is hard to accomplish.  Most siding  manufactures give very little support but the team at James Hardie is very proactive in ongoing education with their top installers.  Visit us at  ‎www.superiorexteriorsystems.com and go to our Hardie page to see more about Hardie Plank siding.

Portland Vancouver siding contractor wins Angies List Award for 2013

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Superior Exterior Systems was just awarded the Super Service Award for 2013 from Angies List.  As a local siding contractor servicing all areas around  Portland Or  and Vancouver WA.  we are proud to except it.    For info on how we can give you Superior service visit us at  ‎www.superiorexteriorsystems.com

siding contractor finishes another project in Vancouver WA

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Superior Exterior Systems just finished another home in Vancouver WA.  This 2 story home got a major face lift with Hardie Plank fiber cement siding and Craftsmen style window trim detail.  As a local fully licensed siding contractor, we have over 21 years proven experience fixing homes in Vancouver and Portland OR metro areas.  Log in and read our reviews on our home page.  Visit us at‎ www.superiorexteriorsystems.com

CertainTeed Weatherboards settles lawsuit - Hardie Plank is much better

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On November 4, 2013 a lawsuit for $103.9 million was agreed upon in favor of home owners who bought CertainTeed Weatherboard siding because it was proven to be faulty. This applies to any Weatherboards that was manufactured and installed before September 30, 2013.

If you bought  CertainTeed Weatherboard siding and have had problems with excessive splitting, cracking, and shrinking a lot at butt joints there is some hope in sight!  Don’t make the mistake many Lp owners made by not filing quickly. Procrastination will definitely cost you as money as the funds are constantly being dispersed and they will run out.  You must file on line so they have a record of dates. They will take about 3 weeks to come out.  Make no mistake, they will definitely try to put some blame on installation as their inspectors have job security by saving money for Certainteed.  This just makes sense.  The problem is no matter how bad an installation may be, the product itself contracts and expands too much causing cracking.  Stand your ground with them.  I have heard that some of the inspectors try to intimidate you since they know more about siding than you do.

CertainTeed Weatherboard Siding was an early, fiber cement board siding product. I personally have been to the factory in southern Oregon in 1999.  It was supposed to have a long life and be the answer to problems that arise with the use of wood siding.  Over time and especially in certain areas of the country Weatherboard siding began to break down due to the base of the product being Fly Ash which is a bi-product of coal making it more brittle.  Think about it - coal itself IS brittle.  Instead of using Fly ash, James Hardie Fiber cement uses silica sand as the base of their product making it long lasting, durable, and not brittle because it bonds the fibers together at a molecular level.  Basically it is less likely to crack.

Superior Exterior Systems prefer to install Hardie Plank siding since nothing like this has ever come up.  Hardie Board is also a fiber cement siding, but it is far superior to the CertainTeed brand in our opinion and has stood the test of time since it uses NO fly ash.  For more info on how we can help you call (503) 285-0875 or (360) 687-8936 and feel free to visit us at  ‎www.superiorexteriorsystems.com

local portland siding contractor and Hardie Plank Color Plus siding

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Superior Exterior Systems has experience installing Hardie Plank fiber cement siding since it came into town 2 decades ago. Hardie plank also has Color Plus which is  becoming more popular since it is pre-painted from the factory and comes with an impressive  15 year paint warranty becasue it is applied in a factory controlled environment.  Color Plus hardie plank is more expensive since you dont need a paint job and that it is more tedious to install but home owners dont seem to mind.  It is perfect for installations in winter time.  Superior Exterior Systems is a siding company that installs ALL types of siding in the portland oregon metro area.  For more info on how we can help you call us at   (503) 285-0875 or simply log into  http://www.superiorexteriorsystems.com/