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July 6th, 2009

SUPERIOR EXTERIOR SYSTEMS is a local family owned and operated siding, roofing, stone, window, painting & decking contractor  in the portland vancouver area including Bevaerton, Hillsboro, West Linn, Clackamas, Gresham, Troutdale and all rural areas outside of vancouver washington. There are no salesman involved or middle man during the siding installation, which will save you money.  With 18 years of proven Exp. since 1992, we are committed to provide all of our clients with superior customer service, value, integrity, honesty, and quality that is unmatched. There is no other contractor with more knowledge and skill in the replacement of E.I.F.S-(synthetic stucco) and faulty, rotting or damaged composite sidings like Louisiana Pacific and others, that have failed due to improper installation and moisture damage. The most common options to choose from are Hardi Plank siding, traditional cedar and various options of vinyl siding such as Amcraft, Craneboard, Alcoa…

The restoration of older and historical homes is also a specialty of ours. We have consistently won the coveted BBB honor roll award with an A-plus rating. This is an absolutely incredible statistic when you consider the hundreds of homes we do year after year. We have also won numerous other awards from our manufacturers.

SUPERIOR EXTERIOR SYSTEMS is one of the most reputable, trusted, established and well known companies in the Portland Vancouver area and has been for many years with its stability and longevity. We take pride in doing the job right the first time, and are often called upon by homeowners to fix other contractor/builder mistakes and/or improper installation. Our company is always on the innovative side of technology, environmental aspects, and advancements in the building industry.

The real difference is the quality of products, attention to detail, installation, knowledge of industry, and the fact that we have almost 2 decades of experience with many different home situations. We  do everything for the exterior of your home all day, all week and all year. In fact-no other local contractor does near the amount of projects we have done.  Our crews are master craftsman in this industry, and have been with us for years. They are factory certified for installation guidelines and complete warranty compliance. There will never be an issue of communication with any of our premium installers, however with most contractors this is not the case, due to their standards for hiring. This has become a real problem for homeowners over the past few years, not being able to talk with someone working on your home, because of the problems that a language barrier often will cause. Your project is very important to SUPERIOR EXTERIOR SYSTEMS, as is earning your business and your trust. We look forward to the opportunity to show you why our company is so popular so feel free to visit

Recently we fixed another home that had EIFS, an artificial stucco, which is sometimes found on ultra high end homes in the Portland Vancouver metro area.  EIFS is common in areas like Beaverton, West Linn, the Northwest Portland Hills and Clackamas. EIFS stands for Exterior Insulated Finish System and is usually glued or nailed onto the subwall with plastic fasteners.  It often has no house wrap such as Dow Weathermate, Hardiwrap, Tyvek or old fashioned tarpaper. It is extremely labor some and messy to remove so we always take extra measures to keep the job site clean so the beaded styrofoam doesn’t blow everywhere. This siding has been a massive problem in that it doesnt allow the home to breathe and eventually rots the subwall underneath which is either builders grade plywood or particle chipboard usually made by LP. The south wall and chimneys always take most of the weather abuse and there was significant rot in the studs and structure especially around the windows on this particular home as we expected. This isn’t a scare tactic but often the surface of the stucco can look fine with no signs of rot underneath. Homeowners are usually very surprised when we show them the rotting wood under the EIFS. I’m glad in that another customer will be mentioning Superior Exterior Systems to their friends and co-workers.