Super Insulating products.. attacking the “Built ” Environment

June 19, 2010 3 comments »

Kevin Surace is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Serious Materials, a company selected by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer. Serious Materials is tackling global warming with high tech building materials that include super insulating products.

Joe Yosso /Northwest Energy Savers is a dealer for Serious Windows, and a Certified Green professional.

Energy Efficiency Facts

May 7, 2010 55 comments »

Since 25 to 35 percent of the energy used in American buildings and homes is wasted due to inefficient windows and glass, it is important that we know what options are available.

Dual Pane  Glass was first Patented in 1865 ( that’s  right 1865)

The DOE’s Energy Star Program has set energy requirements that have helped improve window performance for over 10 years. However most  Manufacturer’s Dual Pane Windows barely meet the new standard of .30 U factor and .30 Shgc. As a result, Energy Conscious Homeowners, builders and architects have looked at more Energy Efficient options.

Triple-Pane Glass

Triple-pane glass consists of three panes of glass and two low-e coatings. Using a third pane creates a second insulating cavity. Inert gas such as  Argon or Krypton is filled in the insulating cavity to slow the transfer of heat or cold air through the window thus creating an energy efficient window superior to Dual Pane.

However, triple-pane glass units are 50% heavier than standard insulating glass and this leads to functionality issues as well as design constraints.

Issues with Triple-Pane Glass:

  • Increased project costs (more labor, sturdier frames, stronger building design)
  • 50% heavier than standard insulating glass
  • Aesthetic and design limitations due to size constraints imposed on the glass and window units
  • More stress on frame potentially creating gaps that will allow air, water and dust infiltration
  • Amount of natural light in the overall design may be reduced
  • Additional stress on operable portions of the window and window hardware
  • Wider glass packages may not fit framing systems or window

Suspended Coated Film (SCF)

Suspended Coated Film (SCF) is one of the most significant technologies critical to improving insulation and achieving higher performance across a broad spectrum of glazing characteristics – without any of the design limitations typical of triple-pane glass systems.

Benefits of Serious Glass Insulating Glass Units:

  • HVAC savings due to downsized equipment and lower annual operating costs
  • Directional tuning ( using Hshg options) to enhance daylighting with morning warmth and afternoon coolness
  • 99.5% UV protection — reduces interior fading and damage
  • Reduced outside noise
  • Improved occupant comfort and health
  • Architectural freedom to include more glass in the design
  • Reduced condensation
  • Decreased project costs when compared to triple-pane glass
  • LEED contribution of up to 19 points

Features of SeriousGlass Insulating Glass Units:

  • Super-insulating glass packages with 2 to 3 air spaces (Multiple SCF)
  • R-values from R-5 to R-11
  • Wide range of glass packages with SHGC from 0.21-0.60, VT from 39-70%
  • Less weight – no need for specialized framing systems
  • Triple edge seal technology around the edges of the glass units provides the most reliable, strongest glass packages in the market
  • Long lasting glass units that weigh the same as typical double pane insulated glass
  • Choice of glass packages to meet your design needs
  • Larger air spaces than triple-pane glass in the same glass pocket for significantly better thermal performance

For nearly three decades, Serious Materials has successfully installed millions of square feet of SCF architectural glass and windows in over 10,000 projects. In addition, Serious Materials has been tested and IGCC certified for both polyurethane and silicone sealants for the past 27+ years. The design, longevity and reliability of Serious Materials’ SCF glass packages are unmatched in the industry.

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Empire State Building Getting SERIOUS about energy Efficiency !


Serious Materials, the parent company of Serious Windows has announced that they have signed a contract to change the windows on the Empire State Building. Serious Windows  makes the Most energy  efficient windows available, and have won many awards, Including Sustainable Industries Top 10 Green Building Products 2009. By  changing the windows on the Empire State Building, the owner Tony Malkin, expects to save 40 % of the Total energy  in the building and have the windows pay for themselves in 3 years .

Keven Surace, CEO  of Serious Materials, and Inc Magazine Entrepreneur of the year, recently made the announcement in Washington DC.  Here are some of his comments ;

Energy efficiency in buildings is not just on paper, it is real, and it is happening right now.

I want to share some details on something that we have not talked about publicly until this very minute.

An iconic project we are fortunate to be involved in is the Empire State Building. I was with Tony Malkin last week, owner of the Empire State Building. He has just launched a ground-breaking energy efficiency retrofit of this great American icon. The changes he is making will save 40 percent of the total energy in the building without any government assistance, and he estimates it will pay for itself with the energy savings in only three years. Three years! But as Tony says, “I am not just saving money; I am making money because more tenants want to come here now.”

And because of his vision, we were able to do something no one has ever done before. We wanted to replace all 6,500 dual pane R-2 windows with our super-insulating, high tech R-8 windows. However, Tony cringed at the waste of having to throw away all that glass from the old windows, which are just a dozen years old. The full count: 26,000 panes of glass.

So, we thought outside the box, and invented a way to build a micro-factory on the fifth floor of the Empire State Building, and manufacture new windows that are 4x more energy efficient on site. We invented a way of removing the existing glass, un-glazing it, cleaning it, placing new spacers, suspended film, sealing, injecting gas and curing it - all on the fifth floor. And do it only at night so no one is distracted in his or her office. All existing 6,500 windows will be transformed to a super-insulating R-8 from an R-2.  And here is the best part: we are re-using all the old glass. 100 percent. No wasted energy, no waste in shipping, and no wasted glass; totally sustainable.

Now that is American innovation.

Invent, manufacture, install.

Kevin Surace, CEO Serious Materials

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Just because a window is dual pane, does not mean it is energy efficient

September 6, 2009 8 comments »

Many homeowners  believe that  because they already have dual pane windows that they do not need to replace them.

That fact is that many dual pane windows are not  energy efficient.

Many  homes have aluminum framed dual pane windows, which are not energy efficient. Most were made before the newer technology was available. Aluminum is a conductor of heat and cold and thus not energy efficient. Most of the old aluminum dual pane windows do not have  low e glass, plus they have the old aluminum spacers between the  panes which conduct heat and cold.

Many homeowners have vinyl dual pane windows that also are not energy efficient. This is because most builders installed windows that barely met the code of .40 ufactor and .55 shgc (old Energy Star requirements) Most of them  also had aluminum spacers between the panes which also  conducted heat and cold. The result is that they have dual pane windows that are really not very energy efficient.

To emphasize the point that most older dual pane windows, either aluminum or vinyl are not very energy efficient, consider this….. the newer energy star rated windows .30 u factor and .30 Shgc are at least 25 % more energy efficient   than the older vinly ones and  about 50-75 % more energy efficient than the older aluminum ones.

Therefore, if you believe that just because you have dual pane windows you do not need to consider changing them, perhaps you need to at least  get some more information.  download free report “Things you need to know about windows before you buy “

Not Just another Window company

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Northwest Energy Savers is a family run business . Our emphasis is “Quality at an Affordable price…guaranteed!”
With over 10 years experience we know the window business, and we believe that “The more you know about windows, the more likely you are able to make the best decision for you and your family. ” So we empower you with the information you need to be able to make the best decision for your family, based on information, not sales hype. We do not try to push a particular brand of window, but rather, we find out your specific needs and requirements, then we find the right product for you. The result is that you have the best window for your needs at the best price, and we have a very satisfied client. Visit our website and download your free report, “things you need to know about windows before you buy”.